• What is facility management?

    Managing housing and office buildings and their tehnical systems and equipment in order to protect functionality of constructed surounding. Facility management involves commercial, tehnical and infrastructural managing of the unit.

  • What does quarantee involve?

    Constructing work 2 years.

    Instalation of plumbing sewerage 2 years.

    Instalation of central heating 2 years.

    Instalation of electric current 2 years.

    TV installation 2 years.

  • What doesn’t quarantee involve?

    The quarantee does not involve all the things which are considered as regular maintenance such as: light bulbs, replacement of window belt, window blinds, toilet seats, front door locks etc.

    The above examples are being checked at the moment of entering the flat and are recorded in minutes of transfer real estate.

  • Losing the right of guarantee happens if:

    Non profesional person builds in roof climatisation and this causing the damage of roof layer.

    Damage of gutter and all the parts if there is violent hit, physical breaking or heating of gutter in order to melt snow and ice.

    Owner or renters of flats cause fire – flood by their own carelessness and thereby cause demage of parts which are in warranty period. The person responsible for damage will have to do the rebuilding of damaged parts.

    The quarantee does not apply if there is the damage due to weather, fire, flood, earthquake, war or landslide.
    You can report your complaint of in few ways.

    By sending filled form on e-mail.

    By filling the form of reporting the quarantee and putting in into the postal box.

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