Facility Management

  • Managing and maintenance of constructed building units in the exploration stage
  • Development of housing
  • Control and implementing of all decrees of contract about managing and maintenance
  • Making agreement documentation for office space for renting
  • Transfer of office and housing space
  • Aspiration for successful investment and duration of office and housing units
  • Outsourcing – selecting certain segments of work and hiding extern partners
  • Protecting the value of real estate
  • Usage of modern tehnology

Facility Maintenance Servis

  • Care for all tehnical details concerning regular maintenance
  • Capital maintenance
  • Preventive maintenance and monitoring the units
  • Coordination with all legal regulation
  • Build in video surveillance, interphone, alarms, control of admission and other devices, equipement and installation
  • Atesting of all systems which are supposed to be attested
  • Organization of work on regular tehnical maintenance of special parts
  • Hygiene maintenance
  • Maintenance of green space
  • Winter services


  • Organization of complaint system in warranty period
  • Written track of complaints
  • Removing the complaints in legal period
  • Possibility of giving reclamation via internet site
  • Responsibility for respecting warranty period

Physical technical security

  • Providing maximal security of persons and real estate
  • Planning organization and realization of physical technical security
  • Control od hired person
  • Contact with right person