Company “Building & interior solutions” d.o.o. was created due to need of giving complete managing and maintenance services to clients who are owners or users of company “Galens” d.o.o. real estates.

The company’s objective is complete dedication to its clients and advancement of living conditions. Users of our services are owner of real estate, housing or office space whose goal is preserving and advancement of real estate. Members of our team are experts who are highly trained to solve all the problems respecting deadlines regular and investment maintenance.

Our advantage is our experience in:

  • Preventive maintenance
  • Regular maintenance
  • Capital maintenance
  • Risk assessment


Company “Building & interior solutions” d.o.o. for managing and maintenance of housing units wasfounded by Galens group in order to give quality postselling service.

After building over 1000 building units a year, we felt the need to expand work regarding future care for buildings and their tenants.

We are now capable of giving our clients full professional managing and maintenance of buildings.

Our maintenance services involve:

  • Tehnical maintenance of equipment and instalations
  • Hygiene maintenance
  • Maintenance of green space

Our managing services involve:

  • Providing of professional building managers
  • Creating of housing developments
  • Convening and holding sessions of housing developments and taking the minutes
  • Suggesting the maintenance programme and its realization
  • Keeping the records of damage reports and defects and timely reaction in solving them
  • Book keeping for housing developments
  • Getting and storaging tehnical documents
  • Cooperation with city administration, communal companies and others

Service price is minimal legal amount based expense on basic expenses of managing and maintenance.

We treat this segment of our work with respect as being connected to each building closely by being investors.

By following this idea, we have completely accomplished our qoal-carefree and long living in each building unit which we have built dedicatedly for you.

Your “Building & interios solutions” d.o.o.


Providing constant satisfaction of our clients.
  • Being informed
  • Dedication
  • Creativity
  • Permanent results
  • Long-term stability


Increasing the value of our building units, by constant improvements following the latest tends.
  • Advancement of property of our clients
  • Quality
  • Reliability
  • Individual aproach to each user
  • New habits and trend
  • Building of long relations with our users


Implementing inovations to satisfy expectations of our users.
  • Development of housing
  • Providing quality living conditions
  • Socially responsible behavior
  • Making conditions for image creation
  • Protecting the functionality of constructed building unit

Safety is our biggest value.


Educations of individuals as well as the company staff while behaving society responsibly.


Implementing new standards.